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Sex and Quantum Physics book cover

Sex and Quantum Physics Volume 1:

Tantric Yogi Tells All


Sex and Quantum Physics. Just putting the words together brings a smile to the lips! What could possibly be farther apart? It conjures up images of sex in space, or in some weird quantum dimension.

In fact, there is no question that we live in a world that has both. Both the messiness of daily life with all its desires, emotions, thoughts and uncertainties, and also the elegant mathematical models of strange attractors, quantum foam, and multiple dimensions. 

What kind of sense can we make out of living in a world that has both sex and quantum physics? We can begin by asking what sex and quantum physics have to say to each other.


Maybe. Maybe it takes the crazy wisdom of Tantra to weave the two into one cloth. But it doesn’t really matter what you call it. What is much more important is how you live your life!

And putting sex and quantum physics together provides a remarkably useful set of tools for living richly and well.

You won’t actually find much quantum physics in Volume 1: Tantric Yogi Tells All, though you will find dark energy and discoveries about the evolution of energy systems. And how they provide new ways of looking at everything from sex to human history.

Volume 1: Tantric Yogi Tells All is a story about almost everything. Volume 2: Living in eleven dimensions is the fun details: quantum physics, the nature of ecstatic insight, how to make your body really happy, and a much deeper discussion of sex and energy.

But to stay pono (a Hawaiian word for harmony) with the readers of this book, at the end is a topic from Living in eleven dimensions of how one discovery of quantum physics radically changes the way we understand the universe. 

And make the idea of sex in a quantum dimension not only possible, but probable!

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