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Into the CoolInto The Cool: Energy Flow, Thermodynamics and Life

Eric D. Schneider & Dorion Sagan


A well-written, comprehensive overview of all of the major developments of thermodynamic theory, plus interesting speculations. Despite being hung up on entropy (that’s a joke), it’s the best book on thermodynamics I have read.



Ilya Prigogine - thermodynamicsIlya Prigogine

From Being to Becoming: Time and complexity in the physical sciences

with Isabel Stengers:

Order out of Chaos: Man’s new dialogue with nature

Prigogine’s own explanation of the paradigm of dissipative structures. At times, it’s heavy going. Still, no one explains the concepts as well. Prigogine’s later books in which he tries to extend the paradigm to biology and history are interesting and worth reading. They illustrate that Prigogine understood the revolutionary importance of dissipative structures but couldn’t muster a broad enough inter-disciplinary reach to pull all the pieces together.



Erich JantschErich Jantsch

The self-organizing universe: Scientific and human implications of the emerging paradigm of evolution

Jantsch’s stunning leap in applying the paradigm of dissipative structures to everything he could find. The book is dedicated to Ilya Prigogine and extends dissipative structures to biochemistry, evolution, sociobiology, culture and society. Many of the things Jantsch was passionate about or reacted against do not hold the same importance for us thirty years later, but he outlines a way to integrate simply everything.



The film Baraka, a Ron Fricke film

A beautiful film that illustrates the movement of energy in our world.