Tantra, the weave of energy

Tantra is a vast subject. Scholars are still unsure if tantra arose from yoga or yoga developed from tantra. In either case, it was part of a world-wide recognition over several centuries of a unitary reality higher than the currents of everyday life. Polytheism gave way to something higher. In the West monotheism flourished, in the East the concept of a unified reality was laid on top of, and subsumed, a patchwork of religious deities.

If you work away the cultural baggage and elaboration, tantra has a few simple things to say:

  • This is it; the world is perfectly real
  • all of reality is vibrating (spanda) and conscious
  • humans are never disconnected from the universe
  • you can improve the connection greatly.

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Your body is tensile!


As the awareness of our breath tends to be uneducated, so too does the awareness of our bodies. Your body is more than a cart for carrying around your head!

Everyone knows that the body is made up of bones and muscles, and many know that it is all held together by connective tissue called fascia. Since our thinking still tends to be mechanical, very often we think of the body as a mechanical structure, in which the bones are levers and the muscles are pulleys. Like when you lift weights.


mechanical model of body

This is not incorrect when you consider the big muscles of the body, but the body is so much more than this. The body is a tensile structure, which means that it has tension, and that it can be stretched and drawn out. Not even our bones are fixed! Bones are made of millions of cells joined together and are designed to flex in three dimensions under pressure.

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Our primate cousins

Properly speaking, the evolutionary branch that contains humans is known as the great apes, and contain orangutans, gorillas, humans, chimps and bonobos. The last four species are called primates.

By both fossil and genotype estimates, chimps and bonobos had a common ancestor 2.5 million years ago, humans, chimps and bonobos had a common ancestor 5.5 million years ago, and all four primates had a common ancestor seven million years ago.


Although each species has continued to evolve in the millions of years it has been separate, the path of its evolution is still constrained by the qualities of the common ancestors. So looking at our primate cousins tells us a great deal about the basic layout and behavior of humans.

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A history of Tantric traditions

Historical Tantra can be very confusing. In the sense of being a document, a tantra is one of many different writings or scriptures. You find tantras in the Vedic Brahmanical tradition, in Buddhism, in the Jaina traditions, in Shaivism and in other traditions as well! S.C. Banerji’s A Companion to Tantra is an exhausting overview of the diversity of Tantric literature.

Tantra can also be viewed as a religious and cultural movement in early Indic culture. Some scholars believe that it may be a continuation of pre-Vedic shamanic traditions. Another view is that it grew as a reaction against the other-worldly focus of the Vedic Brahmanical tradition and of Buddhism. In this sense, Tantra was concerned with this world, using rituals, magic and sex to promote auspiciousness in the everyday lives of people. [Read more…]

So what is this site about, anyway?

It’s the 21st century, a whole new ballgame. Everything takes place on a global scale. Everything, from the tiny waves of energy making up our bodies to the vast clouds of gas in remote galaxies is in motion on a scale we never dreamed of.

What kind of sense can we make of mucking about in our bodies with all our emotions, desires, pains and absurdities while knowing that we are connected to everything else in the universe?

In short, what kind of sense can we make out of living in a world that has both sex and quantum physics?

Find out by exploring a new yoga for the 21st century. A yoga that combines the body and energy-centered wisdom of Tantra with our understanding from quantum physics of how energy moves in the universe. A yoga with the tools to help you discover who you are and help you evolve into who you want to be.

Find out by exploring the posts on this site, and reading Sex and Quantum Physics Volume 1: Tantric Yogi Tells All.

Volume 1 is a conversation about almost everything: from exploring your body and energy to expanding and sharpening your perception to understanding the world and everything in it as an evolving process.

Volume 2: Living in eleven dimensions explores the fascinating details of living in what quantum physics tells us is an eleven-dimensional universe. Volume 2 will be assembled piece by piece on this site, so come back often to see what is new.

When you combine sex and quantum physics, the world actually makes more sense than in any of the old ways of thinking!

Explore for yourself and draw your own conclusions…


Volume 1 is available at iBookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and many on-line book stores.

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