21st century meditation – the concept

Millions of people around the world meditate. From simple breathing exercises to elaborate visualizations, meditation is an attempt to still the chattering of your own mind in order to see, think, or feel more than your daily concerns. Some people use it to reduce the stress of their daily lives, others to gain more insight into themselves, the world or the universe.

There are many forms of meditation. In some we use awareness of our breath or body to calm our thoughts. In some we switch our attention to an external object, thought or image so that our other thoughts will cease.


traditional meditation upon an object

Many people find that focusing on one thing (or no-thing!) is difficult. So other types of meditations have been developed, often guided, in which a complex sequence of visuals erase the normal chatter in our awareness. Imagine a million tiny goddesses floating around your head flowing with milk and honey! This will make your current problems disappear, at least for a while. The specific imagery is not important, it is the reduction of chattering that really counts. Reducing the chatter leaves us relaxed, peaceful, and alert. It leaves us less attached to ordinary things and more open to the universe.

What’s new in the 21st century

In the 21st century we understand much more clearly that everything in space-time is made of energy. That what we treat as solid objects are patterns of energy. That what we label as our thoughts, emotions and desires are patterns of energy. This understanding doesn’t make our thoughts, desires and emotions any less important, but it does offer a new perspective on how to work with them, on how to calm them down.

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21st century meditation – the doing

For an explanation of the concepts used here, see
21st century meditation – the concept


This meditation is simple. It involves using the breath to expand each of the energy centers, or chakras, in the body. There is no one way to accomplish this. Use the steps below to experiment and refine your own meditation.

Before beginning, take a moment to release any excess tension in your body. For suggestions, see the post Your body is tensile!


 Step 1 – Breathe down

Quantum physics tells us that there are seven dimensions threaded through each point in space-time, and suggests that two of them are threaded together very tightly. An examination of the energy centers in the body tells us that the inner five energy centers are threaded along a main line of polarity between the base and crown chakras. A good first step to opening the inner chakras is to release the tension along the main line. We can do this by breathing down.

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Evolution: It’s the law! – Part 1

It is a common joke that you have to obey gravity because IT’S THE LAW! This is true of evolution, as well.

The evidence for evolution is so massive and overwhelming that most people are now arguing about the relative importance of different evolutionary mechanisms. Is evolution governed by chance, mutation, reproductive strategies, or the hand of a Creator? Often, the answer depends on the scale of the evolution you are discussing.

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Tantra, the weave of energy

Tantra is a vast subject. Scholars are still unsure if tantra arose from yoga or yoga developed from tantra. In either case, it was part of a world-wide recognition over several centuries of a unitary reality higher than the currents of everyday life. Polytheism gave way to something higher. In the West monotheism flourished, in the East the concept of a unified reality was laid on top of, and subsumed, a patchwork of religious deities.

If you work away the cultural baggage and elaboration, tantra has a few simple things to say:

  • This is it; the world is perfectly real
  • all of reality is vibrating (spanda) and conscious
  • humans are never disconnected from the universe
  • you can improve the connection greatly.

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