Table of Contents


1 A Tantric teacup About tantra, modern tantra yoga, and why the map is not the territory.
2 Breathe down Breathing down: an introduction to Tantric physics.
3 Your body is tensile! The tensioned structure of the body and simple tools for exploring it.
4 Stretch out your pattern Patterns of movement, patterns of posture, patterns of life. A start on straightening them out.
5 The geometry of tension Visuals of tension: what you see is what you get to release.
6 Triangulate Releasing tension from different patterns, and the rubber band effect.
7 Finding your truth:
Socrates meets Shakti
Asking the right questions, and what to do when we run out of questions.
8 The body as wiring The hard wiring of the reptile, mammal and primate brains in humans. Connecting the mind and body.
9 The latest download Bye-bye Newtonian universe! Dark energy is 96% of existence.
10 Tuning your awareness Tools for focusing awareness and expanding the upper chakras.
11 Adding your base Finding and separating the first and second chakras.
12 The why of antenna repair Seeing the world more clearly through your energy centers.
13 Balancing opposites What to do with duality: exploring options.
14 The butterfly effect Thermodynamics and the Theory of Dissipative Structures or, how do things evolve?
15 Up or down, or sideways How humans evolve, and choosing at the butterfly point.
16 Left and right, together again Ways of exploring our left and right sides, and balancing them.
17 The energy of pain How pain dents our personal patterns, and how life doesn’t have to be suffering.
18 Pleasure is a verb The bell curve of pleasure, and why we should pay attention to it.
19 Neither pain nor pleasure Patterns of pain and pleasure, and how to find all the places in-between that you have never noticed.
20 Inside-out, outside-in Changing perspectives, changing boundaries.
21 Advanced wiring Beyond the chakras: front and back channels, shiva and shakti channels.
22 Hot wiring The structure of the pelvis and its relation to shiva and shakti channels. The five energy circuits used in sex.
23 How to explode fireworks How different circuits explode and release. How to explode them all.
24 Flowing passion, flowing play The energy patterns of desire; tools for exploring the flow in Tandava, the Tantric Yoga dance.
25 Clearing static How we instinctively and/or consciously release static energy
26 Touching the universe How to touch the universe. It’s easier than you think because it is all around you.
27 Seeking the cells Why we want love. Waking up the cells in the body.
28 Finding home Tools for connecting the inside and outside to make a bigger home for yourself.
29 The dance of Shiva/Shakti Exploring how humans and the universe participate in the same energy flows.
30 The great experiment Take some energy, make a solar system, evolve some playmates… notes from along the way.
31 Creating wiring Tools for creating your own wiring.
32 The art of exploring Tools for artful exploration of everything.
33 A final cup of tea Back to the elegantly simple.
Some interesting explorations Beautiful ideas, insights, and images.
A topic from Volume 2 Quantum physics says the universe has eleven dimensions.