Volume 1

Tantric Yogi Tells All


Sex and Quantum Physics Volume 1 cover Sex and Quantum Physics Volume 1: Tantic Yogi Tells All is a story about almost everything.

Romp with a tantric yogi’s whimsical cartoons throughthe body, mind, and sexual circuits of humans.

Explore dark energy, evolution, pain, pleasure and why it feels so good to evolve with the universe.

Tantric Yogi Tells All is an old/new paradigm, an old/new way of thinking about our selves and how we live in the world.

Simply written, with 24 exercises and over 300 illustrations, Volume 1 is a practical course on beginners tantra yoga exercises, exercises that not only immediately reduce stress and pain, but improve muscle tone while evolving our energy and our awareness.

Drawing together ancient traditions, yoga body awareness, and the latest discoveries of science, Sex and Quantum Physics Volume 1 offers tools for a richer evolution of everything in your life (yes, even sex!).


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – A Tantric Teacup

Chapter 2 – Breathe Down